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doulas who attended cb education series

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doulas who attended cb education series to complete their certification as opposed to be cb educators or nurses - Where did you do your observation? Did you chose a hospital-based class or did you seek a Bradley/Lamaze/etc... type class?

I'm beginning my certification and I really want to observe a bradley, bfw, lamaze etc... type class because I feel the hospital based classes in my area are so vanilla generic and not all that informative (I know they kind of have to be due to protocol). My question is however, do you think any of your clients care which type of cb education you have as a doula?

Personally my doula could have had her observation on Mars - as long as she knew her stuff I was okay. But I just wanted to hear your thoughts.
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Bradley. And I got my three certification births from there, and the instructor later gave out my info to anyone interested. I loved it!
I did Bradley too. The series was taught by a doula/cbe, so I knew she would talk a little more about the benefits of having a doula. I got a certification birth from that class, plus I was able to network a little in the local birth community. I would have missed out on both of those things at the hospital class.

I also wanted to be able to tell parents that I'm familiar with the Bradley method, only because I think that some folks tend to see the doula as displacing the dad--which we know is not at all the case!
The hospital here doesn't offer classes it's all done through public health. When I take my "education" I'll be going to the public health class. They are the same classes I took when pg with my first, I didn't use any of their advice until I had my first miscarriage but that may have been because I'm stubborn and didn't want to listen to the nurses during

The classes were more bradley oriented than lamaze
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