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Downriver/Dearborn MI Mamas

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I know there were a few of us here from the Dearborn/Downriver/w.Detroit area...are you mamas still here?
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Hi Darlene! I was starting to think I was the only MDC'er left on this side of town!
How is your pregnancy going?
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Hi Erica,

How old is your DC?
I'm here, in Dbn Hts but I'm finishing up a difficult school semester and recovering from an intense birth so I'm not around all that often at the moment. I have Ds3, Ds18mos and DD3weeks.
I thought it might be fun to have either a coffee night or a park playdate on this side of town. If any of you mamas are up for it, let me know!
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DD is just 17 days older than your DS! I'd be up for a coffee night or park playdate since the weather is getting nice. I do work FT during the week though.
i am in garden city, right close to the border of dearborn heights. i'd love a playgroup on this side of town.

What days might be good for a park playdate? We are usually free on Wednesdays and Fridays, or we could pick a weekend day, too.
How 'bout Fairlane Mall for lunch at 11:00? There is a little bitty play area in the food court.
That's a good idea, Sue. How are you doing? How are the kids?

Let's pick a day--it will be nice to see some moms from the area.
i can do any day except mondays or tuesdays. some mondays might work for me. what about everyone else?

Wednesdays are good for us.
Weekdays aren't good for me at all - sorry! I work up in Southfield. :-(
ok, so it seems that mon, tues, and wednesday is out. do we want to do a weekend? would that work better for some?

A Saturday morning at the park might be nice.
Saturday's are good. And due to the holiday, I am available on Monday the 17th!
How about Saturday, May 6th?
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