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Dr. Punger in Florida

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I found this doctor's name here on MDC and from the website she looks great. I'm hoping to find more opinions from those who are her patients. Feel free to PM rather than posting here.

I actually live about 45 minutes away from the office, but I can't find anyone here in Brevard who is accepting non-vaccinating families. Also, one of my kids has private insurance and the other is on Medicaid and I can't seem to find one doctor who they can both see on insurance, so I am considering just paying cash for well-visits and using the insurance for specialists, testing, and any possible hospitalization. The doctor would have to be GREAT for that, though! LOL
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Do I know you?

I haven't been to her b/c of the drive, but have heard wonderful things about her.
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hi I have known Denise for a long time but never as patients. she is wonderful!

She fixed my daughter's tongue tie in 2005 and saved my breastfeeding relationship. I was living in WPB at the time and she was certainly worth the drive for that. I have since moved to N. Florida, and if I need to, I would drive down there again if I have another child with tongue tie.
Dr. Punger *is* great! I have known of her for many years. Have sat w/ her at LLL meetings. I found myself in a horrible situation a few years back. I was pregnant and just *knew* that something was NOT right. I made an apt with her! she was AMAZING and helpful! She made more of an effort to make sure I was 'okay' than any other DR has ever done. She even called me at home at 7pm to give me the results of my u/s, we had a 25 min conversation. What dr does that?
She helped me through my 'missed abortion' that took many weeks. She provided me with encouraging words, print outs about m/c, etc.

It was a great experience with her. A m/c is never great, but she made it so much easier for me and my family! She also did her best to help me regain my nursing relationship with my daughter!

So, I think she rocks and a hour and 45 minute drive is worth it, IMO
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When we first moved down here to the Sebastian area, I took my son to Dr Punger - I loved her. She is so AP friendly, lives it herself too. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.

We stopped going to her cuz we lost the insurance and DS went on the HEalthyKids program, whch she did NOT accept. It was too expensive for out of pocket appts. There ARE several great docs in Brevard that DO accept non vaxing fams. Most do not accept MediKids though, but I take DS to Penny Pediatrics, just over the bridge in Sebastian. They have been great, okay with the non vaxing (I do have a religious exemption for him and made sure they knew it). Occasionally we will get offered vax, but no big deal when I decline - no pressure or speeches. LOVE the NP Nadia, she is so gentle, so thorough, really great wth him. I request her whenever we go, well checks are only with the Ped though. But she is okay too. No critcism over him nursing at 4yo, or anything like that.

Basically we only go when he need refills of his Epis or something lke that. We use our acupunturist/TCM doc and our chiro for just about everything.

There are other options for Melb area docs too though, depending upon your ins. Also lots of moms I know love Dr Franz in Orlando. Same drive, but a bit more homeopathic in treatments.

PM me if you want any info lke phone # or more details....

You should check out our local moms group too! LOVELY ladies and kiddos
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