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Dr.'s Location

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Hi all,
I'm cautiously optimistic about posting here (DH finally agreed that he saw a line too!) and I saw that many of you have other children, so maybe you'd have some advice, having BTDT already.

We're moving about an hour and a half away from our present location in June and I'm not sure where I should look for a doctor. Should I look close to where I live now, and then switch midway through the pregnancy or look closer to where I will live? Maybe somewhere in between?

To complicate matters, my usual gyn. moved offices a few months ago and the new offices aren't near either location. It wasn't a problem to make the drive for an annual exam, but would be a pain for prenatal care.

Any opinions? Thanks for reading and a happy and healthy nine months to all!
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I would say try to find a doctor close to where you are moving. Thats jmo though. G/L
I too, would look for something close to your new location. Making the trip early on in pregnancy isn't *that* big a deal, but as you get bigger (and need more potty breaks
) you'll wish the doc was close. Changing care is hard midway b/c you've got to re-establish a relationship (and believe me, it takes a while to establish that initial relationship
) I had to change MWs when I was about 30wks w/ my last pregnancy b/c we moved to a new state. Even though my new MW and I clicked, we still had to muddle through the initial "getting to know one another" stage. You don't want that half way through being pg. You want things to be starting to settle by then.
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Thanks ladies. That's what I thought initially, but I thought I'd run it by others.

Off to search!
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