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Will trade for "big kid legos", lego duplos, yarn, fleece, international music CDs, science fiction/fantasy books, wooden trains, Brio track, KNEX, or ???

Dr Seuss Books hardcover . good used condition.

The Cat in the Hat
Dr. Seuss's ABC
Green Eggs and Ham
Hop on Pop
The Foot Book

Knitting Needles

Double Points - please note that colors may vary! Use 2 sets of sock needles to knit both socks at once. Saves lots of time and confusion!

Size 6/0 (0.8mm) 10" long, super tiny lace needles .in wooden case. very nice and flexible lace needles. $8-
Size 4/0 (1.25mm) 9" long vintage needles. Steel, needs a polish! set of 6, 9" long $8-

Size 1-4 plastic lot $5- a huge collection of needles!
Size 1 (2.5mm) plastic 2. All 7" long.
Size 2 (2.75-3mm) plastic 8
Size 3 (3.25mm) plastic 8
Size 4 (3.5mm) plastic 14

Size 1-5 metal lot $10- all 7" long
Size 1 (2.5mm) metal 6
Size 2 (2.75-3mm) metal 11
Size 3 (3.25mm) metal 11
Size 4 (3.5mm) metal 4
Size 5 (3.75mm) metal 4

Vintage steel double points, 10" long. $3 per set.
1.75mm (US size 00)2 needles
2mm (US size 0) 4 needles
2.75mm (US size 2) 2 needles

Circular $3 per needle, or trade!
#2 Vintage Boye on steel cable. "Smooth joint" "concave points" 16" new in package. Nice!
#2 Vintage Boye on steel cable. "Smooth joint" "concave points" 16" no package. Nice!
#2 Vintage Boye on steel cable. "Smooth joint" "concave points" 29" new in package. Nice!
#3 Vintage Boye on steel cable. "Smooth joint" "concave points" 24" no package. Nice!
#3 circular 29" vintage celluloid. (no cable - one curved piece of celluloid!)
#4 Vintage Boye on steel cable. 26" possible snag at joint, no package.
#4 circular 29" vintage celluloid. (no cable - one curved piece of celluloid!)

Single Points - $1
#3.5 Aluminum 16"

Crochet hooks, metal vintage $1 each or all for $5 or trade!
13 (really tiny - thread weight)
7 (tiny)
8 (tiny)
unmarked, slightly larger than 8
4 bigger, about 2mm hook
G (#5) plastic

Hairpin lace device, 3" aluminum
Hairpin lace device, 2 1/2" steel vintage, need polish $1-
Hairpin lace device, tiny, just under 1/2" by 5" $5-

Crochet pattern: "111 easy edgings" worked top-to-bottom, not lengthwise $1-

Lego Duplo curved track 16 pieces... came with Lego Thomas. $10 including shipping. Unused track ... we already had a big setup when we got Thomas. Makes a circle or oval.

Knitting and crochet books
Crocheted Afgans, Oxmoor House 1988 HC $1-
Machine Knitting to Suit you Mood, Johanna Davis, Softcover $10-
Alice Starmore, The Celtic Collection, softcover 1992 like new fine condition! $20-
Alice Starmore, Fisherman's Sweaters, softcover 1995 like new fine condition! $40-
Jade Starmore, A Collectors Item, softcover 1999 like new fine condition! $35- The Starmore books are in FINE condition, like new. Carefully read but "unknitted" and no markings inside.
Threads #20 and 23 (Alice Starmore articles on Knitting) $10- for both
Golden Hands- All you can knit and crochet for children $2- (1972 50 cute projects!)
Golden Hands - Thigh length (!) fine gauge lace stocking pattern, vintage $3-
Sion Elealouf, The Knitting Architect (Knitting Fever, Inc) spiral bound $15-

Lavender and Old Lace (cross stitch alphabet and more) $1
Quilted designs in cross-stitch 1989 hardcover $3-
Znamierowski, Step-by-step rugmaking $1-

Weaving and Spinning
Spinning and Weaving with Wool, Paula Simmons, softcover. Author signed! $15-
Tablet Weaving step-by-step, Snow, $3-

Woodworking and Other
Dome Builder's Handbook #2 $8-
Spiro Zakas, More Furniture in 24 Hours $3-
Gottshall, Simple Colonial Furuniture $2-
Rachel Ashwell, Shabby Chic (hardcover) $2-
The Handy Boys book, 4th edition. circa 1925-1940 "How to make model aeroplanes, steramboats, submarines, electric motors and engines, x-ray and wireless telegraphy apparatus etc." very good condition $25-
Julia King, The Flowering of Art Nouveau Graphics $3-

Non-smoking household, shipping $5 for any number of books. Thanks for looking!
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