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Here's another link to the pic in case the other didn't work for some

Here is what I'm ISO:

large trim fitteds
Christmas presents for 22 month old niece, 18 month old nephew, and 3 year old nephew
worsted weight wool yarn
pretty much anything with fairies or a fairy doll for dd (9mos)
XL longsleeved tops for me - I like neat loose "hippie" type cloths
size 18 pants or jeans for me
soft soled girly shoes size 12-18 months
giftables for those relatives who have everything : )
size 6 snow boots
cute winter hats size 12 month (girly) and 18 month (boyish)
cute 12 month nightgowns
I'm pretty set on winter girl cloths, but if you have anything super cute I'd be open to it
chunky crayons
anything Korean for ds (20 months - adopted from Korea : ))
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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