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draining bacon fat without paper towel.

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So I'm almost compleatly paper free in my kitchen. The one thing I'm having a hard time with is I like to put bacon or other greasy food on a piece of paper towel to drain a bit before eating. I've tried to use a rag but it ended up so greasy that it wouldn't wash out and I ended up throwing it out. Not good if my goal is less waste.

So how do you deal with greasy things in a paper free kitchen?
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It depends on what kind of greasy things, but if it's something edible or if I spill oil or something, I use a rag that is our designated greasy rag, and we use it to wipe and oil the cast iron stuff. It always is greasy, but it never has smelled bad or anything, I just wash it as best as I can in baking soda (I let it soak overnight) then rinse with water and vinager. I only do that once a month or so. But it's great for greasing the pans.
Brown paper bags from the store (if you don't use cloth), or just get one every now and then.
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