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I'm leaving for a trip where we'll be driving about 5-6 hours a day for 2 days there and 2 days back. I have a tendency to get nauseous on drives. Not too bad, but I have a pretty nasty cold which makes it worse. I fear that I'll be miserable, congested, nauseous and thus crabby for the trip
I've been really looking forward to this trip and hate that I'm sick.
: I'm not taking cold medicine as I don't want to affect my milk supply. DD is 13 months old and nursing for most of her nutrition.

I'm considering taking dramamine so I'm not nauseous on the road. Looking at Hale's, it says it's an L2, with no pediatric concerns, but as an adult concern it says "dry secretions." While I know both of these words, I'm not sure what they mean together in this context. Does it mean that it would dry (lessen) my milk supply?

Does anyone have any suggestions to take for the cold and/or motion sickness that are BF friendly?
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