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drawing on walls - what has worked for us

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I thought with all the negative interactions we post about, and questions about what to do, maybe it would be good to post about something that has worked for us recently.

DS (2.25 yo) has developed a love of crayons and has been drawing on the bathtub walls (with bath crayons) for quite a while. But then he got the Harold and the Purple Crayon series on DVD and has wanted to write everywhere! (It hasn't helped matters that we are painting the condo to move, and he really wants to help.)

Well, I explained that the bathtub was a "special" wall for writing and that we don't do it on these walls... And that Mommy doesn't like to keep cleaning this wall... Daddy brought home this giant pad of paper for drawing... etc... DS clearly explained to me that he wants to write on that wall, and that he thinks it should have pictures. So it dawned on me that he might be hearing my pleas for clean walls (and my wiping his art away) as signs that I didn't like his artwork. So I changed tacks.

I reassured him that his art was beatiful and how much I appreciate his helping us making the house nice. And explained that I wanted to keep his art for a long time, so if we put it on the giant paper we could keep it as long as he wants.

He draws on his paper all day long, hasn't tried to write on the walls since.

Just thought I'd share what worked for us...
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Thought I'd update that DS now has his own (dry) paint brushes and is "painting" with us as well. He's been very pleased, and his drawings have still remained on the paper!
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One of the best things from when was little was when my parents were remodeling and a wall was going to come down. So we got to draw all over it as much as we wanted, and then smash it with hammers. So much fun!
I love gd!! That's a great story
Makes sense- he wanted HIS art on the wall, to stay.

Can I share one? (its not as good though) Ds loves to play in water, pour it, mix it with food, etc. I usually let him, and have him help clean up, and tell him better places to play in water, etc. But dp mentioned last night that ds COULD pour water in the plants. DS loves that idea!! I have a feeling that we'll have well watered plants, and a somewhat drier floor

(btw, my ds, who has always loved baths, now has decided that he has better things to do. lol. I can get him in sometimes if I leave the faucet or the hand held shower running, so he can play in it. But mostly, he skips a lot of baths!! He gets maybe 2 a week, and washcloth baths the rest of the time. Must be a normal phase, eh?)
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My aunt (who is Ezzo to the core) had the idea that she painted one wall in the basement with that special kids paint that can be washed off easily and stenciled "Cousin's Color Wall" across the top (later she had to paint over that and add "Cousin and Cousin's Color Wall" when #2 was born LOL) and that is the wall they can color on...once a month she goes through and washes their 'art' off and lets them start over with a blank canvas. They love it. She got the paint at Home Depot I believe. Obviously won't work for renters/people tying to sell, but I really liked her idea. We're in the process of decorating James' room (thus far a storage room since we cosleep) and we're planning on doing that on one wall.
In our next house (moving in June) we will have a special art wall or two. I'm thinking of a chalkboard painted wall, and maybe one like Renae mentioned. (It's a really big house with an in-law apt for my mom.) Maybe one kind of wall on each side...

That's so exciting to hear!
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wow, that is so great! I am a children's librarian, and the coloring corner sounds like so much fun in a library! I am going to have to see if I can find some wall space now. . .
I've had that idea. To the OP, where did you put the giant paper?
Well, the paper is wherever DS wants it!

We hang it on the wall, lay it out on the floor or a table, everything in-between... We sometimes draw train tracks for his trains, etc...
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This is funny/cute.

For me that wouldn't work. When we first bought our house and a friend who knew we were TTC said "oh, pretty soon these clean walls will have marks all over them about 2 feet from the ground," I groaned inwardly. Oh our house will be so messy I thought!

Fastforward seven lonely, infertile, clean
: years and we FINALLY have our twins and they can FINALLY make marks on the walls. I want them to draw everywhere, and every so often when I think about getting out the Citra-Solv to erase their "drawings" I get the shakes. Sometimes I find a clear spot and I give them crayons and direct them to it.

Someday we'll paint over. Someday.

For the OP who is dealing with moving,
on a GREAT solution!
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