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I have three girls. They were interested at two, especially dd2 and dd3 who wanted to play with older sis.

We have so much dress up that it isn't even funny. It is used constantly around here.

Grammy makes the girls tons of dresses of every size and variety. It is just so great!

They love clip clop shoes (high heels - not mine but plastic high heeled shoes sold as dress up) and necklaces, bracelets, rings, veils, boas, purses.

A lot of the stuff sold as dress up is just the cheapest material and construction and falls apart almost immediately. We bought dd3 a mermaid costume at Target (from dress up section - not Halloween) and it was in pieces within days. Really disappointing. It was $20.

Much better to sew it yourself. There are tons of patterns and you can just watch for good finds on the clearance racks at the fabric store. Or find someone who loves you who will sew it for her as gifts.

Old dance recital costumes are great dress up as they are usually well made - but pricey! I do love the reuse part of that though - not just $50 for one day. Ditto on outgrown tap shoes and ballet slippers.

All our kid Halloween costumes end up in dress up.

My girls love large pieces of fabric and those clips like chip clips but not the long ones? Do you know what I mean? Kind of like a glorified plastic clothes pins? They make all sorts of skirts, sarongs, etc. with them. Also good to make something smaller for a younger child, bunching up fabric in the back and clipping it.

Best thing ever is a basic skirt made of satin. About two feet long with a simple gathered elastic waist. On little kids, "waist" goes under their arms and it is a dress. When they get older it is a skirt. Lasts forever. Oh, Grammy makes satin capes with velcro or snap closure (I prefer velcro as the snaps eventually come off with years of tugging them open) and those are super popular around here too!
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