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Dressed to Deliver!

review by the trophy wife

When I was pregnant with Little Man, I started hearing about delivery gowns. I thought that you could only use what the hospital provided, but I soon learned that was not the case. I did not get a chance to purchase a delivery gown for Little Man, but I didn't really like the options were expensive and they were the same design as a regular hospital gown just with fancy color or print fabric.

I started doing more research on delivery gowns when I was pregnant with Peanut. I found three companies that made delivery gowns that were different than the standard hospital gown. They were beautiful. Some of them were very expensive and others were a one-time use thing. One of the companies that I found was Dressed to Deliver. I was so very excited. The gowns were beautiful and come in an array of different colors and prints. They are also extremely functional. The creator of Dressed to Deliver gowns actually worked in a hospital, so she knew what is needed for procedures and needs of the doctors and nurses. Their designs were just so unique. I just had to contact them.

When I received my delivery gown, I was amazed to see the quality. (My mother is a professional quilter, so I tend to geek out over workmanship of things like this.) The fabric is a bamboo jersey knit. It is thick and so very soft. The seams and stitching are done very well. I love the hidden snaps and how they are reinforced so they lay flat and don't pull at the fabric. The buttons are beautiful and match the fabric perfectly. It was easy to wash and dried quickly when laid flat to dry. When I first put it on, I felt so beautiful. It was so comfortable. I love how the top gave me a lot of needed support too.

When time came to use, I was so thankful to have it. I walked the halls of our hospital for 6 hours total the day before Peanut came. It was nice to be comfortable and (more importantly) covered when walking around so many people. The nurses were all very impressed by how cute it was, but also by how easy it was for them to hook me to the monitors by using the front snaps. The next day, it was nice to have it again. The ultrasound tech loved that he could access my belly without exposing me. My doctor really loved it too. She thought that it was such an innovative design. She thinks that everyone should have a Dressed to Deliver gown for their big day.

Since I had an emergency cesarean, I didn't get to deliver in my gown. I did, however, love that I could wear it and be comfortable while they were prepping me for surgery. When it came time to get into the sterile gown for surgery, we just opened up the back from top to bottom so I could easily get out with all of the IVs and monitors on me. I also loved having it for recovery. I spent 5 days in the hospital and it was so nice to have something so comfortable to sleep in and so easy to nurse Peanut in. I couldn't use my nursing bra because of the IVs that I was hooked up to, so I was very thankful for so much support from the delivery gown because I didn't need the bra. I still love to wear it around the house and to sleep in. It is so comfortable and easy to nurse Peanut in. I could not be more thankful to have this gown!

This is what makes this gown different from all the others:

* Unique design that has hidden snaps from top to bottom in the back and from the empire waist to the bottom in the front. Also buttons to open the shoulder straps.

* High quality fabric that is soft, comfortable and made to last.

* Designed to be used before, during and after labor.

* Good support; no need for a bra.

* High quality at a reasonable price.

Written by The Trophy Wife at Obsessions of The Trophy Wife

Beautiful, comfortable, easy to use, versatile

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