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Dressing a baby without diapers

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I am a mother of soon-to-be-six children. I have been cloth diapering since my third child was born, and I would really like to practice elimination communication with my sixth child to be born in September. How do you dress a newborn without diapers in the cold winter months? We don't like to over-heat our huge old victorian house. We keep the temperature set around 68F. Most of my children have been born in the fall, so I have typically bundled them up very well as infants. I am concerned if I wait until warmer weather, I will have missed the optimal time period to practice elimination communication. Any suggestions?
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I would suggest using prefolds when you are out and about. YOU dont' need covers, but may want to use them just in case. Around the house, you can just dress the baby as you would. JUsT BEcause the diapers are on, doesnmt' mean you are using them.
Welcome to MDC! You might want to check out the Elimination Communication forum, and post your question there. I'm doing EC with my second winter baby, and the approach I've taken is just to dress the baby in warm clothes with a diaper underneath, and take the diaper off when I think the baby needs to pee.
w e l c o m e !
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I myself hate taking off and putting on all those dern clothes every time!

I dress ds in an (unsnapped) long sleeve onesie (or one of those infant nightgown sack thingies) with daddy's socks covering his legs [edited: that is, until the babylegs arrive]. So he's all exposed in the middle, but not very exposed everywhere else & there's easy access to his boy parts. If I am going to be distracted I'll put a prefold (or an unstuffed aio, or whatever's lying around) on and just snap the onesie over it

If he's sitting in his chair, or I'm carrying him about, I usually have a burp cloth or prefold under his bum just in case of any, um, "wet gas" that might occur.

Another thing we do on and off during the day is I wear him in a stretchy wrap. He stays cozy warm but can actually be mostly nekked under there!
Thanks for the suggestions on dressing baby. I like the idea of using daddy's socks while you wait for the babylegs. I guess it helps to be creative when you are trying new things. I should also ask if there are any recommendations on the best baby slings for ECing.

Sorry about posting this thread twice. I thought I had posted the first post in the wrong place and when I reposted suddenly there was my first post. Oh well, as you can tell I am new at this.
We didn't EC DS as a newborn, and we're in the way-too-warm south anyway so I'm not sure about clothing. What we did with DS in the beginning was to mostly dress him in the gowns with the elastic bottoms and socks. He usually wore either a snappied prefold or a kissaluv without a cover. I liked the kissaluv better because it was easier to get on/off for pottytunities.

For slinging, I think you'll want something you can get your baby into and out of easily and quicly... so either a stretchy pouch or a ring sling would be my first choice.
we also live in a cold climate and set our thermostat at 64 max. we have ds in two shirts (one is a sweater), babylegs, two socks (or booties) and i just set him on a prefold. when i'm holding him i put a blanket over him.

we use a pouch, which has made for easy trips to the bathroom. i'm still trying to find a good setup for while we're out and for nights, so no advice there.

i wish we only had shirts/pants though vs. all of the snapped bottom outfits left ove from our first. they're useless to me at this point.
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