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Dressing a baby without diapers

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How do you dress a baby without diapers in the cold winter months? My sixth child will be born in September. I have used cloth since Number 3 and I am seriously considering going diaper free.
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When we left the house in the winter, she was sometimes in a diaper, usually with no cover on it, so I could change her immediately after she peed.

I also had training pants and put those on her sometimes. They had the same affect. I always carried 2 extra changes of clothes. She actually held her pee starting at a very young age and rarely wet herself out in public. That is typical of ECed babies.

Her outter clothing was normal.
There is a pattern on the web, I'll try to find a link. I think basically you just take a regular pants pattern and just make four (back) pieces and then stitch it up and it makes a little split in the crotch that you can open or tuck closed. I'll see if I can find the link. I thought this would be really handy.
Okay here it is:
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