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Driving down the street today and saw a...

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billboard that said:

"Babies are born to breastfeed."

I was so excited. This was on Aurora Ave N. by the 45th street exit, in Seattle.

I'd love to ge a t-shirt that says the same. Any suggestions?

DD, 10/03- my little nursling
DS, 11/98
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I know there are websites that sell t-shirts with that on them, but I can't remember what they are! I know there's a thread on MDC about it, so you could do a search. Have you been to They have cool advocacy tee's, too.
Oh my gosh we are in seattle too (burien actually) I totally need to see that that is sooooo cool.
That ROCKS! I'm so happy to hear about that.
Yay! That is the first time someone has told me they saw or heard something from the new bfing ad campaign.

I hope we all start seeing ads on TV, billboards and hearing them on the radio!
You could just open up a fake store at cafepress and print your own

You get the cheapest price that way

No need to keep the store when you're done, you can open and close them for free
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Yay for that awesome billboard! I'm just outside Chicago and am still waiting to see any breastfeeding ads on billboards or anywhere else. Where are they??
I am in Tacoma and the same billboard is up just afew blocks from my house! I was soo excited to see it too.

I think maybe the Breastfeeding Coalition of Washington is responsible for helping get the ads up so quickly here.
Oooooh, I can't wait to see one! (I'm in Redmond)

I guess I won't be seeing any of them (there isn't a single billboard in the entire state that I know of)

But I think it's fantastic that they are putting the message out there!!!
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there is a site, noodle soup, that you can get all kinds of stuff like that. i have the catalog, but i know i initially ordered off the web.
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