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Driving under the influence of drugs

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Under this standard, any driver who tests positive for any trace amount of an illicit drug or drug metabolite (i.e., compounds produced from chemical changes of a drug in the body, but not necessarily psychoactive themselves), is guilty per se of the crime of "drugged driving," even if the defendant was sober.

Consequently, under "zero tolerance" per se laws, a person who smoked a joint on Monday could conceivably be arrested the following Friday and charged with "drugged driving," even though he or she is no longer impaired or intoxicated.
Marijuana stays in your system longer than any of the illegal drugs yet it is,imo, the least dangerous. Cocaine for example is usually out of your system in 48 hours. I undertsnad that pot is illegal and that driving while under the influence of drugs can be dangerous but come on. Smoking a joint on monday in no way impares your driving on Friday. How are such stupid laws passed?
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All made possible by the war on drugs and your friends at Big Pharma. Hum, where are we going to house these new criminals?
Its just another way the cops/government can get more money out of a traffic stop.

we won't house them anywhere, we'll just take their money and do our best to force them to lead a life of crime.
A friend of mine explained to me years ago that this is the reason why pot won't ever be made legal. There is no way to test the potency or the impairment of a person who smokes pot. Unlike alcohol we can test the blood alcohol level and set a limit, it can't be done with pot so the government can't regulate the usage and therefore it will never be made legal.

Too bad there is no better way to test to see if someone is impaired or not while driving.
Actually you can test levels of thc, just not on the side of the road like alcohol.
Actually I believe the reason it will never become legal is because it can cure a zillion diseases & discomforts, would replace many pharmaceuticals, would fuel our vehicles, make our clothes, & feed us. And it's a weed, that grows for *free*. No one PROFITS from a weed that grows for free. Its all about greed. So people suffer. Hemp is the most useful plant known to mankind!
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