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drop in supply at almost nine!

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I have posted a couple of times here before with supply worries and questions, and now I feel like I am in deep. I am on the verge of tears as I write this.

My dd will be nine months old next Friday. She and I went on a trip to visit my mother two weeks ago and just got back last night. The day we traveled she nursed great--soaked through many dipes. Had a mega poop a few days later. But from the day we got there I started to feel my supply drop. Then she started teething. Her two top teeth finally came in, and she has been feeling much better since then. But she has not been wetting or pooping like normal...not bone dry, but not soaking wet.

I have tried everything. Fenugreek, water, tea. I went on Domperidone at 4 months, and I take two pills four times a day, but it doesn't seem to be doing a damn thing for me anymore.

This morning she nursed well and had a good wet dipe at around 11, but it is now 4 and I feel like I am bone dry. She sucks and sucks but I can't seem to get a letdown. She finally just fell asleep at the breast without getting a thing.

Sometimes I feel the letdown and she starts sucking, but it's interrupted sucking...not her usual long ones or not for as long a total time...does that make sense?

I have tried so hard to just ebf her and it is so important to me to keep doing so, but I feel myself getting so exhausted and hysterical about it that I wonder if I should just give in and start supplementing her so that I am not constantly worried.

She has no interest in solid foods. She will go at a teething biscuit for some time and also likes to suck on an apple if I am eating one.

Is this familiar to anyone? Can you experience a sudden drop like this and just never bounce back? Is all my worry just making things worse? Can I return to normal somehow? I have talked to La Leche leaders and they basically say I have to go with my gut on this one.

And the most ironic thing of all is that I think she had a growth spurt while we were gone, since she definitely feels heavier to me and her cheeks seem to have filled out a bit. But I know her usual output and it's not quite there, and she is not getting as much with each letdown, except for these rare times like this morning when everything was fine for a few hours.

Please help. I am so sad and upset by this.
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If you feel that she's had a growth spurt, that may be one reason that you feel that you don't have enough milk. She's probably just nursing and nursing to make your breasts produce more milk. And if she seems happy and healthy, then things are probably fine!

Also, stress and worry will NOT help the situation. I know it's hard, but try to relax, breathe, distract yourself... whatever you need to do to de-stress about the situation. No, worrying about it is not necessarily bad, but worrying to the point that you seem to be at is not good.

All I know is that you can trust your body. It is a marvelous thing, capable of feeding dozens of children! :LOL Well, maybe not dozens, but we could feed a lot! Maybe you could make that some sort of relaxation mantra- "I can trust my body *breathe in... breathe out* I can trust my body *breathe in.... breathe out*" Ok, I'm kidding. Mostly.
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I don't know... I can't imagine that your body would *never* bounce back. My DD is almost 11 months and I've gone through times where my supply has been really low too. Especially after I've been sick, DD's been sick, we've been traveling, I've been under a lot of stress, or sometimes for no reason at all. When that happens, I stay home from work for a day and just nurse DD as much as I can, and I try to pump in between feedings just to boost my supply. It always bounces back. I have never seen it not bounce back!

Give it time and be patient... My supply has always come back after 3 days. If it goes longer than 3 days, you may want to see a LC or even call the ped to be sure your baby seems to be eating enough.

I feel your pain Momma. I am right there with you. My ds is 10.5 months, and I have a low supply right now. It is coming back up though, with the help of domperidone and fenugreek. PM me if you want to chat. Keep it up, you'll get it back.
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