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dh brought it to my attention that the Drudge Report has a picture with a link to the story under it. The link doesn't work for me, but the title is "China 'Open-Crotch Pants' Face Extinction... "

When the link didn't come up, he googled the same phrase as the title and found an interesting article called The Cultural Conflict Over Toilet Training . Then he asked if I had ever heard of

I just thought it was so cool to see something about EC in the mainstream media. (well, maybe not super mainstream, but this site is not really an alternative site, just a compilation of all the news from all over the place). We don't EC this one, but I have considered doing it for the next one, but hadn't brought it up to dh yet because it simply wasn't an issue.

edited to add: This is a great artilce about the cultural differences in diapering...I really did learn stuff from it and it is a great read. Can't wait to hear responses.

dh also pointed out the irony of "Chinese prefolds" being the top prefolds and that they don't wear them there.
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