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Dry Diaper Pail Stench

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I am reasonably sure that the stink (ammonia) is not build up (the dipes do NOT stink until after they have been in the pail for awhile. I just washed my pail really well & let it get a good dry (I was away for 1.5 weeks so it was bone dry) & it smelled just fine. After 1/2 a day the ammonia smell when I open the lid makes your eyes tear. I know urine become ammonia with time so this would happen - but so fast? Does anyone else have this problem?

I don't really want to switch to a wet pail 'cause with a front loader it will mean extra hassle. Any other suggestions?
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I switched to using webags exclusively and it is wonderful. No smell ever. The best part if they go right in the wash with the dipes.
Do you use a lid on your pail? I just take a clean prefold and put about 3 drops of TTO on it. I use that as a "lid." It really keeps the smell down, while allowing some circulation.
I'll give that prefold idea a go - that makes sense to me.
Agree with the PP -- try a ventilated pail, totally counter-intuitive but it works for me.
Me too. Open pail works great for us.
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