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Dry, excematic, problematic baby skin

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DS is almost EBF, though we are beginning solids in tiny amounts.

His skin is terrible, and seems to be getting worse. I just got back from his 6 mos appt, and the doc prescribed 2.5% hydrocortisone cream. Both she and the pharmacist reassured me that applying it 3x a day in the groin, neck, and knee folds for a period of weeks would have no side effects.

No side effects? Come on. What are they, ladies??

I've been through the total elim diet. He's dairy and gluten sensitive, and many other things cause him to spit up voluminously (mainly gassy causing foods, like onions etc.) I just don't think the remaining dry skin (which is really what it is-- the eczema is in small amounts and not terrible as eczema goes) is food related.

The diaper area is the worst, which is funny since he is EC'd and out of diapers most of the time. But he got a very persistent yeast rash there as an itty bitty that still comes back even as quickly as overnight. Oral probiotics and nystatin didn't help, but lotrimin cream does. Even when there is no yeast there, though, it itches him like crazy.

What can I do to help heal his skin? I've been on 3000mg of fish oil and 900mg of omega-3s daily since he was conceived. I eat olive oil and organic coconut oil daily. I use olive oil in the bath and after the bath, no soap. We use Weleda baby calendula cream on his face and dryest skin patches. What else can I do?
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