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dry nights but pee on floor days?

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I started ECing my dd 4 months ago and now she is 16 months old. She's been dry for all naps and through the night since the diaper came off. She goes on her BBLP when she wakes from sleeping or when we return home after being out and she loves saying pee pee after she goes on the potty. She's bare butt at home and wears underwear when we are out.

Most of the time during the day she just pees on the floor. Then she tells me pee pee and we clean it up together. I constantly offer her pottytunities but she usually says no. She'll sit on the potty but often won't go. Sometimes, she goes on the floor within a minute of saying no. She will get out of bed or out of her chair at the table when she has to pee, so she knows when she has to go. She never pees in bed, while in the car, while being held, while in a carrier or stroller. Most of her pees during the day are while standing, except for the few that make the potty.

I've tried different potties, peeing at the same time as her, cuing her, reading on her potty, etc. I'm not sure how to help her get more in the potty and less on the floor. She seems just fine with peeing on the floor. We usually say "pee pee's for the potty not the floor". But she doesn't seem to mind. She just smiles and helps clean it up. I've tried moving her mid pee over to the potty and at least I catch some of the pee. Does anyone have any suggestions with how to help her eliminate in the potty and not on the floor? The few times each day she pee's in the potty she is so proud of herself. Thanks
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Can you sit her on the potty before the accident happens? Using timing? Suggest a favourite book, toy, snack, or reward just for sitting there a couple of minutes.
Thanks for the response. I can try sitting her on the potty longer. It's just that unless she has been sleeping or coming in from the outside, she doesn't seem to have any interest in the potty. Even when I use timing and constant reminders she just says no and gets off the potty.

She really just wants to run around and play and pee standing up...wherever she may be at the time.
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