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Dry nursing/preg. colostrum coming in!

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I have been dry nursing my son for 4 months milk dried up a few months into my pregnancy. I have just started noticing a small amount of clear liquid coming from my breast within the last few days. I'm assuming this it the beginning of colustrum until the baby is born (4 more months). My son has had very smelly, runny diarreah and gas this week. I thought he may have a virus at first, but then it dawned on me that he may be getting colostrum. Has anyone else experienced this? Will my son have this problem if he continues to nurse until the baby comes? I'm wondering if I should not nurse him so that he doesn't have stomach pain/diarreah for four more months???? I'd love some advice! Thank you!
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My dd and I went through this as well. Although I didn't get any colostrum that early, she had the runny diarrhea and tummy cramps for the first two weeks or so after the baby was born. Either she got used to it or the milk changed enough that things went back to normal after that.

I hope someone else can answer your question better than I did!
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I started a thread about this a while ago! Hope it helps.
My ds never said anything when my colostrum came in but I noticed him swallowing and then checked myself in the shower and sure enough...had colostrom. I didn't notice anything different with his bowel movements though. But he was only nursing maybe 3 times a day at 6 months when my colostrum came in and was potty trained so I wouldn't know unless it was bothering him, ya know?

I really don't think the colostrum would bug him like that...seriously. I know so many moms that nursed through pregnancy without it affecting the older nursling . And if you make him stop....he might wean after not nursing for four months. So, if you don't want him to wean, I wouldn't suggest that.
My colostrum came in about a week ago and I have noticed that DS has runnier poops. He doesn't seem to mind the colostrum, though, he has been nursing tons since it came in! I guess it's better than that salty, salty milk I've had for the past few months.
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