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Dry shampoo help for DD

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DD hates having her hair washed. But I can only find spray-on dry shampoo. This wouldn't work because she hates things that spray any liquid on her head. She is very sensitive. Are there any powder type shampoos made anymore? She gets food in her hair (not intentionally, usually butter) and then it is a twenty minute cry fest while I try to wash it out. As long as she doesn't have food in her hair, I won't wash it, even if it has been three weeks. I can't stand her tears about washing her hair. I feel like I'm violating her, but I don't want her hair filled with food either.
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My oldest hated bathtime because of having wet things on her head. She always hated it, since birth. But we turned it into a game and now she loves bathtime and loves "winning" the game of getting her hair washed!
We put stickers on the ceiling above the bathtub. I have a thermos with a handle and I tell her to look up and if we can get the soap out of her hair in less cups of water than it takes her sister, she wins! While I'm pouring the water on, I make sure to say "Good job! You're doing great!", stuff like that. And when we're done, she gets a sticker for doing a good job (stickers are the ultimate coveted prize for my kids - they made potty-training cake!) and "wins" if her hair is clean faster.
I'm so glad DP came up with the game because it was misery bathing her before that!
Could you spray it onto a comb and then comb it in? DS does not like me spraying the detangler stuff on his head either, but lets me spray the comb, then comb it in.
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