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Which is best?

  • Low heat

    Votes: 3 8.6%
  • Medium heat

    Votes: 8 22.9%
  • High heat

    Votes: 24 68.6%
  • Air dry

    Votes: 2 5.7%

dryer heat settings

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What heat setting do you use?
I thought i read somewhere diapers should only go in on low or medium heat but 2 people have told me they dry on high.
Does it matter?
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I dry on one round of high heat and if they still aren't dry then they get a second round of medium heat. I always wonder if I might be doing damage to my diapers but hemp just takes so long to dry that I have to use high.
My dryer just has less heat, optimal, or more dry. So I am guessing those are equivalent to low med and high. I put the knob inbetween optimal and more dry so inbetween med and high.
I dry on high - I can't even imagine how long it would take to dry everything if I didn't!
I used to dry ME OS on medium because the directions said, then one day I was fed up with the second dryer cycle and cranked it to high. I use prefolds mostly now and they always dry in one cycle on high.
I can't even imagine how long it would take to dry everything if I didn't!
I can! Try a good 3 hrs for a full load of mostly fitted, doublers, some aios and a few gerber cloth diapers!
I am gonna try high heat today and find out what the time difference is for me.
Wish me luck cause otherwise I may want to lose all my fitteds!
I dry on high also. That's what the directions for the first dipes I ordered said to do and I've been doing it since- such a creature of habit. It seems like I read somewhere that it will help with the softness and absorbency???
I voted for 2 choices:

High heat: diapers & doublers

Air dry: covers (Bummis & SugarPeas wool)
High heat would kill any bugs, so I like to use that. But, I do air-dry PUL & low heat my fb. As if those are 100% bug-free, which I'm sure they're not, so I guess I'm inconsistant.

I think it's hard on fibers to be baked in the dryer, but I do it anyways. It's not like diaper fibers aren't sturdy to begin with!
I'm not sure if we just have a really good dryer (it's just a run of the mill one) or if it's because we have low humidity here, but I can get away with drying 24 ME OS and 24 liners on *low* heat for just an hour and they are fully dry. I don't worry about killing garms in the dryer since I turn the water heater up so high there's steam when it fills up, and use TTO too.

I have been drying on medium, but I'm switching to HIGH.

It takes two hours to dry my dipes on medium!
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It would take 2 dryer cycles to get the hemp doublers and flannel fitteds dry if I didn't use the high temp. As it is I still have to hang the doublers, some of the fitteds and an occasional ubcpf on the line for extra drying time.
My fitteds, doublers, soakers and some gerber prefolds were almost dry after one 80 min cycle on high. I think I have like 10 fitteds in there. I never turned the dryer back on yet though.
It is much better than 3 hours though thats for sure.
I set my dryer to low. However, my dryer is old and I am not even sure if the heat settings do anything. I just worry that too much hot air would wear my dipes faster. My washer has a pretty strong agitation so I don't like to pu them through undo stress, kwim? I don't mind if stuff isn't dry after one cycle b/c I just hang it to dry the rest of the way. I put almost all dipes on one 60 min cycle, take out most of the fitteds to hang, and finish the wipes and prefolds on another 20 min cycle. Some dipes only see the inside of the dryer for a fluff after hanging.
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