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drying bum genius- help hold the velcro longer?

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The main complain Ive heard about bum genius is that the velcro wears out. If you hang dry them instead of in teh dryer wouldn't that make the velcro last a lot longer?

I imagine it might take to long for them to air dry though?
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I imagine you're right, the velcro would probably last longer without drying in the dryer. If you're talking the pocket diaper, I doubt they would take super long to hang dry because polyester doesn't hold the fluid like cotton or hemp would.

One thing I hate about my velcro dipes is they all stick together - those laundry tabs don't really work that well! Not drying would probably help with that, too, because they aren't getting all jumbled up together for a second time. My issue is space. I don't have room to hang my dipes anywhere in the winter...

I heard at one point that drying your dipes can help kill any leftover bacteria that didn't die in the wash, but I'm not sure if that's really true. I'd be interested to know if you noticed any difference with stink or anything if you don't dry in the dryer. Let us know how it goes!
I don't know if it makes the velcro last longer to air dry. I air dry (sun in the summer). I use a shoe rack in the corner and they get dry very quickly. I think BG dry faster than fuzzibunz. And in the warm dry air of winter, they dry faster than humid summers.
I always hang dry my BG pockets. It doesn't take long, and it's better for the elastic. I've never had an issue with velcro at all, and I suspect the lint in the drier could be to blame for some loss of "stickiness."
ditto. i hang mine and they dry in a couple hours and there is nothing to get stuck to 'em. the inserts are a different story though--they take forever to dry! nak
thanks! I think I will hang them!! and dry the inserts in the dryer. Now I just need to figure out a place to dry them in our little house...
I read somewhere that the heat of the dryer will make the velcro more effective - it makes the little teeth stand back up. But maybe that is recommended only if there is a problem...
Mine are about a year old and I always hang mine to dry, but the inserts go in the dryer. The velcro isn't doing great at this point. If your theory about the dryer making them worse is true, I would hate to see how bad they would be had I put them in the dryer.
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