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DS Asked to Sleep in His Own Bed!

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This is my first post in this forum
but had to share. My ds turned 2 in NOvember. We have co-slept from the beginning and really love the family bed! I have been getting a little anxious becuase we have a new baby due in June, anxious about how we will all fit - but that's another story!

So last night, we were going to bed, and ds sayd "me bed." I asked him if he wanted to sleep in his bed and he said yes. but I kinda brushed it aside and continued with our bedtime routine. Then he said it again - so ds and I went in his bed (he has a full bed on the floor in his own room where he naps) and he nursed to sleep, quite quickly. HE HAS NEVER DONE THIS! I didn't know if I should be happy or sad. I went and joined dh in bed and a tear came to my eye.....I wake up about every hour to pee (pg), so I checked on him. He did fine, but at about 2 am he was tossing and turning, I could tell he was searching for a warm body, so I brought him back into our bed!

Is this normal
I mean the part that I brought him back??? Has anyone else ever done this?? I figure we will try it again tonight, and hopefully I can deal with it!

Thanks for listening! The joys of parenting
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I know how you feel, dd is 18 months and we put her in her toddler bed in her room last night and I had to go check on her even tho I could hear her breathing on the monitor since she has a snotty nose!
She woke at 12:30 and I nursed her and put her back in her bed then but at 3:30 when she woke I brought her to bed with me!
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