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ds bfing after weaning. I'm due in Dec!

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I need advice, don't know how to "ask the experts". I am due in December. My ds will be 4yo in Nov. and has decided that he wants to nurse occasionally at night (which is fine with me). My ? is: will this jeopardize my supply of milk, particularly colostrum when the baby arrives?
Also, any suggs on how to deal with helping him to understand that baby will need to nurse first and longest?
Any other comments from those who have been in a similar situation appreciated.
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Try this link. Or do a search here on breastfeeding while pregnant or tandem nursing. Lots of moms here have done/are doing it.
No, your milk will be fine when the baby arrives. I nursed my DD up until my 7th month when the milk finally stopped. She still wanted to nurse off and on over the next few months. I had no problems when the baby came in march. Since the baby's been here she has asked to nurse even a few more times so be prepared for that also. But don't worry it won't hurt your supply from my experiance/
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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