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My dd was a bottle baby that nightweaned early, howwever she's always been very touchy-feely and required someone to hold her and rub her legs in order to fall asleep. We just successfully moved her into her own room and taught her how to fall asleep on her own. It took a long time but it worked!

What we did was first move her to her own bed in our room, and someone would like down next to her until she was asleep. Next we sat next to her and rubbed her legs (a book light was handy). After the move to her room we would tell her that we were only going to rub for the first 2 songs on her music CD and she fussed a bit but we would sit right next to her until she fell asleep. Next we moved to the rocking chair after the two songs but stayed in the room. Lastly, we reduced it to the one song and left right afterwards with a kiss. This process took about 2-3 months but now she will fall asleep just fine by herself in her own room within 15 minutes or less most nights. We keep the baby monitor on in case she needs us, and she knows she just has to call and we'll come running.

Around 18 mos. old I made her a satin security blankie because she loves the feel of it. I noticed her always holding my bras and my satin bathrobe and rubbing it against her skin. She took to the blankie right away and that has helped greatly in the transition. She can sleep anywhere as long as she has it.

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