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I'm at a larger center, but I think the attitude is sort-of - It's the DONE thing. After lunch, we all take our shoes off and we all lie on our cots and we go nappies. If anyone is having a really tough time they rub their backs or hold them a little bit. Sometimes one provider can rub two backs or hold two hands. The only time it's every REALLY been an issue is when the parents are invited for lunch - then it's hard for the kids to let go. In that case there may be a little holding of one while the others are put on cots. We have 2 providers for 8-10 kids (2-3 yo) so they have a little lee-way if one needs extra attention. Not sure that is helpful. Does your DCP have a network of other professionals she could talk to? Maybe an online forum for at-home providers? It's good that you two are trying to problem solve together, but please don't feel like it's your fault or you are responsible for finding a solution ya know?
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