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I know that here in NY, the criteria for early intervention services is a 33% delay in one area. At his age, that would be a significant delay. I just pulled out a copy of a preschool language development test that i have & the articulation screening starts at age 2.6. the sounds looked for from ages 2.6 to 2.11 are: (words are included to give you the position in words they're looked at)

1. m - my
2. m- home
3. p- pie
4. p- hop
5. w- won
6. t- to
7. t- hat
8. b- bee
9. b- tub
10. h- high

When your child doesn't speak really well, it seems like every other kid is amazingly clear. But, developmentally, sounds like d, k & g aren't even looked at until ages 3-3.5! It sounds like your ds is probably doing fine, but keeping an eye on him is a great idea. There are tons of kids who take until the last possible moment of "within normal limits" to get their sounds straightened out.

Good luck!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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