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I can relate to your conundrum! My ds (24 months) was on a waiting list for 6 months to see the province (we live in Ontario, Canada) speech therapist assesement. In the meantime we were/are paying for private speech therapy which he sees once a month at this point. Even though my ds was behind, the Speech therapist said that he wasn't far behind enough to qualify. Instead he is sending my DH and I to a course for parents to learn how to help your child speak more. Only in the last 2 months has he made progress and now has 65 words and is starting to string two words together....BUT, he drops consonents a lot! Like Milk is "mil" and Bike is "Bi" Bus is "Bu" you get the idea.

I understand you DH wanting to wait a little bit longer. Their speech at this age is so varied between each child. Is there another therapist that could see him, perhaps a supervisor. Based on the report the therapist did indicate that Max was at a lower level in expressive speech. Perhaps they will reasses him in a couple of months if his speech has not improved?

Try not to worry to much (I know harder said then done, I'm a major worrier to, but hey, we are moms..that's our number #1 job
I'm sure in a few months he will improve. Besides, I'm sure the therapist has seen many, many cases in the past. Would they deny your ds any services if they felt he truly needed them.
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