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DS doesn't need IEP anymore!?!

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Just yesterday I was talking with DS's emotional support teacher at school. (DS has Asperger Syndrome, OCD and sensory issues - and is also in the school's gifted program.) Anyway, over the past 2 plus years we've been doing lots of alternative (well, not for most MDCers, but for many others in the AS community) modalities to help DS -- heavy metal chelation, diet, craniosacral therapy, chiropractic and homeopathy. All of it has been not covered by insurance so let's just say that we owe a lot more on our mortgage than we should. (Thank goodness for home equity lines of credit!) But it has all been worth it because my kid probably wouldn't even test on the spectrum at this point and he is most likely going to not need any special services after this year!
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Wow - that's amazing! I hear you about the line of credit! I'm thinking of looking into cranio-sacral for my youngest.

I would advise you to be REALLY sure he is ready to be "discharged" or whatever from special ed. Sometimes it's nice to keep a little going like speech and ot just in case issues arise. And although it is great to hear that your child is doing so well, school districts are thrilled to get kids out of sped because of how expensive it can get.

I have 2 kids on the spectrum - 1 is undiagnosed but shows lots of signs of Asperger's or NLD. He actually didn't even qualify for sped this year but I pushed it because he obviously has issues and I wanted someone to keep an eye on him and also so he could get OT which he loves. I don't think I'm going to get away with this again - but since asperger/NLD kids often have problems in 3rd and 4th grades, I wanted to make sure the school was aware of him and on the lookout for any potential issues.

(sorry - so long winded - his IEP is coming up
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oh, I hope you're right! but I agree about not being too eager to ditch the IEP. scale it down maybe but as long as it's there he has greater legal protections than the average student.
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