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Ds hand is swollen to double its' normal size!

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OK, so at about 8pm I notice ds2, 4yrs old, holding his hand funny, and realize it has swollen to at least double its' normal size
! I asked him what happened, and he said he must have hurt it when he fell off his bike. We came in from outside at 6 pm, two hours earlier, I bathed all 3 boys, we had a snack and then watched a movie! I never noticed his hand and he never said anything

He can wiggle each finger, though his hand is too swollen to bend them very far, and can wiggle his wrist. It looks like there may be some bruising around the wrist and in the webbing between thumb and pointer, and thumb and pointer are more swollen then other fingers.

Called my mom, cause dh is working and involved in a case, and she said to ice it if he doesn't seem in alot of pain, and make sure it isn't some type of bug bite, and try benedryl to see if it is a allergy to a bite, she's a nurse and very much stand off of medical care! :LOL So I've iced it, given him benedryl, and no change, if not worse.

He isn't crying or seem to be in pain unless I touch it. Should I just watch and wait until tomorrow, or should I load all 3 boys in the car at 10 pm and take hime to the er? I don't want to over react, but don't want to under react either! If it is broken, could it cause damaget ot wait until morning when dh will be home? UGH! Why do these things always happen when dh isn't around!!
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Hmmm... If he's not in a lot of pain, I think I'd wait till morning, and give him some tylenol or ibuprophen, then bed. Maybe sleep with him to make sure all is well?

I hope it gets resolved soon!
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I agree with Heather. Do you have some arnica? I'd try some tylenol for the swelling too and wait.
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I just gave him tylenol and put arnica gel on his hand. I'm out of the oral homepathic arnica at the moment. I brought the futon mattress down to the living room, put on Pooh's Hufflelump movie and am planning on sleeping with him to keep an eye on his giant hand. He is alread fast asleep and took the ice off. So I guess I'll just wait. Thank you so much for replying, I always get so freaked out when they get hurt! I just wonder what happened?
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My son had a bike accident and broke his hand on the last day of school last year. I took him to an emergent care center....they x-rayed it and wrapped it for immoblization; and gave us a referral to see an orthopaedist the next day, where DS was casted. So I don't think you need to worry; although if you have an ace bandage (plus a splint would be even better), you might want to wrap it carefully until you can get DS to the doc in the morning.

Hope it's all OK.
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Sorry to hear about his hand. Is it possible he was stung by a bee?

Originally Posted by Bearsmama
Sorry to hear about his hand. Is it possible he was stung by a bee?
Thats what I was thinking but everytime i've been stung i've been in serious pain. But you never know with kids
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Catherine - how is your DS today? Please be sure to update us.
I hope everything is ok. Please let us know.
Hope he is okay.

Ds#1 was bitten by a deer fly once ( or was it a horse fly?) and his hand swelled up really big, but it hurt. I took him to the doc and had to do benadryl and advil for the pain and swelling.
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Well, we just got back from the doctors. She doesn't think it is broken, possibly sprained, but there is hardly any bruising. So now she suspects lymes disease, because he was having muscle spasms last week that we brought him in for, so that together with this, and the fact that he has had numerous deer tick bites this summer leads her to think that may be it. He had blood drawn to check for that, arthritic conditions (which she really doesn't think, but decided to check just in case), and a CBC to make sure there is no infection going on. Poor little buddy!
He is using his hand as much as he can with the swelling, and doesn't seem to be in a lot of pain, but giving ibupro. for the swelling. The doc. said it may be nothing and just clear up on its own, so it will be a few days until the tests are bakc. Hope that they are all neg. Thank you all for your concern. I'll let you know what we find out. Should know by Thursday.
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Yes please keep us posted!
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Hope it's nothing serious and clears up quickly.
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oh... poor hunny... hope you figure out what's going on soon...

Poor wee guy, I hope all the tests are negative and it was just a weird fluke!
Big sigh of relief! Ds's blood work came back negative, no lymes or arthritic conditions. The dr. said it did look like he had or was recovering from a virus by the cbc, and some childhood viruses like fifth disease can cause some funky symptoms. But as long as the hand is looking better and he seems OK it should be nothing to worry about. His hand is almost back to normal, and he seems fine. So I am so relieved. Thanks for all you support.
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