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DS has an annoying habit

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He likes to play with people's elbows as a way of soothing himself. He does it mainly when he's tired or zoning out. He pats them, rubs them, taps them, etc. - that's a little annoying. But apparently I have baggy elbow skin, and he likes to pinch it and pull on it. *shudder* That really creeps me out. It didn't at first but now I have a feeling of revulsion whenever he does it.

I feel bad for him, though, because it obviously relaxes him and I don't want to deny him that... but I'm really getting tired of the whole elbow thing. Then there's also the issue of dd getting so much physical mama time - she nurses, I carry her around, she sleeps next to me. DS sleeps next to DH. So again, I feel guilty about further limiting his physical contact with me. We do snuggle a lot but he always wants to do the yucky elbow thing.

Does anyone else's DC have an annoying habit like this? Any advice?
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My ds(02 baby too) likes to play with my hair when he nurses. I sometimes let him,but more often I redirect him to play with his own hair.Perhaps you can get your son to do this over time. Best wishes!
My ds#2 pinches at a mole I have on my upper chest. It really really hurts when he does it, which is sometimes when he is nursing and sometimes when I am just holding him. I redirect him every time and try to cover it up. It is not in a good spot to be easily covered though. I just tell him it hurts and move his hand. I think he is starting to do it less. I am in the same boat, as I think it is kind of a soothing thing for him, but it hurts way too much for me to let him do it.
My son who's now 6 used to rub everyone's bellies and play with our belly buttons for comfort when he was tired. He used to do it while he was sucking his thumb and it lasted til he was 4. He would even play with his own belly button if we were in the car. Most of the time it was really cute, but with all my stretchmarks I would get embarrassed when he would lift my shirt up in public and if you wouldn't let him he would say "tummy!!". I miss it now!

My oldest son, who's 10 now used to play with the indent on his upper lip for comfort, and it's cute because even now when he's really tired he'll still do it.

Anyways, as much as it bugs you right now, I bet you'll really miss it when he stops!
I think that most children have something they do to soothe themselves. For my DS it is playing with my hair. He also plays with my mother's hair and has been known to touch a strangers hair too
He started this shortly after he weaned so I look at it as his replacement for comfort nursing. If it gets annoying or starts to hurt I will ask him to hold my hand instead and he will. I also have a really soft blanket that I let him hold when I don't feel like having my hair touched anymore.
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LOL- my ds like to burp on purpose and/or make farting noises! It drives us all crazy.
My son loved to squeeze the "goodbye fat", ya know, the stuff that's flopping around when you wave?? He would knead it and pinch it. I completely understand the feeling of revulsion. I'm not sure when he finally quit, but he did on his own.
My boys have both used my cleavage as their "lovie". When we were kids, my sister would suck her thumb and play with my earlobe (and annoy me!) I just can't get away from it!
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My 5 year-old DS likes to rub his feet on my legs when he's tired. Drives me INSANE and I keep telling him to stop, but he ignores me and does it anyway. It's getting to the point where I don't want him in my bed anymore because of it.
My DS likes to touch a mole I have on my lower back. He started to doing it while nursing, but now wants to do it whenever he's tired or in need of comfort. I hate when we're out somewhere and he yells out, "Mom, I want to rub your mole!" How embarrassing! He just self-weaned and wants to use my mole as his replacement--very annoying.

One of my younger brothers was very into rubbing elbows so your son's not the only one
. He's almost 20 now and somewhere along the way, he quit doing it
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Thank you mamas for your posts. Knowing I am not alone will help me to put up with it better. Like I said, I don't want to take away his weird comfort thingy... well OK I *do* but I won't.
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I wanted to add that I noticed something - all these posts are from the mamas of boys. Do girls do this too or is it just the boys?
Hi, new to this forum, great place by the way. My DD does the whole rubbing thing too. When she was an infant she also had to have her foot held for her to go to sleep. Made us laugh, although she has outgrown it now she's four.
My now 4.5 year old loves to flick my fingernails (specifically my ring finger on my right hand) as she falls asleep. She's done it since she was tiny and still searches out that specific finger every night as she goes to sleep.

It can make my skin crawl at times.

I thought it was unique to her, and that Catie would have some other soothing ritual, but nope...she's a fingernail girl too!! Who would have thought.
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Good to see some mamas of DDs in here. I guess it's not just the boys!
i dotn know if this helps. but ihave a friend whos ds turned 2 in feb and was a hair twirler.... his

He had a pacifier and he just recently gave it up on his own, and with it went the hair twirling...
Wow, so funny to read your post. My dd is nuts about our elbows (mine and dh's). She kneads, pinches, squishes, scratches, twiddles etc. and sometimes, she even asks to "nurse and bite" them. And yes, it is absolutely a soothing thing. She often does it when she's feeling insecure, anxious, tired etc. She's three years old, by the way (oh, and she does still nurse too, elbows being an additional comfort thing). I'm not that bothered by it as long as she's gentle, somtimes she's not and that definitely bugs. I figure it will pass at some point, right!? : )
My girlfriends two DD's rubbed the same spot on the back of any willing adults elbow as well. My girlfriend finally said "enough" when they got older, but it went on for a long time. I once had a littel girl who rubbed the "webbibg" between the thumb and index finger as well, totally relaxed her.
My DS1 is a sucker of clothing, sleves, shirts, buttons, ties anything that he can get into his mouth and suck!
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