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DS has just started stuttering

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Just wondering if this is normal or not. DS will be 2 in Jan and has a great range of vocab but he started stuttering quite badly a few days ago. Is this normal? My DD never stuttered. How should I handle it? I'm trying to speak very slowly to him, slowly repeating what he says without correcting him. I've been trying to figure out if anything happened that might have triggered the stuttering but I can't think of anything.
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My niece stuttered for a phase when she was 2. Her pediatrician said it was completely normal during language formation and basically not to make a big deal out of it. DON'T complete his sentences/ finish what he's trying to say - let him do it, no matter how long it take. Don't let other kids make fun of him (my niece has an older sister!). Basically don't point it out to him (obviously address it if he's concerned, unlikely) -- and let it take its course - it'll go away.
Did you recently have any big changes in your lives?
My dd started this literally teh day after ds was born. I was really concerned but she seemed to not notice. I made sure to tell everyone in our lives not to point it out or correct her as she doesn't 'notice' she's doing it I didnt want her to get frustrated. It lasted about a month, I called a local speech therapy program and of course a couple days later we noticed she wasn't stuttering anymore

We handled it by just really listening to her and showing her we were interestd in what she had to say, not rushing her or completing her sentences as the PP mentioend.

Thanks. We've had no changes. The only thing that has happened in the last few days is he's had night waking and screaming. I had to go into him to settle him down several times b4 he would go back to sleep (2 nights ago, it took 2 hours). Maybe night terrors? Of course now I feel so guilty for not bringing him into bed with me - the stuttering definitely coincided with his night waking. He stutters at the first word usually (10 times b4 he can get it out) and luckily it does not seem to bother him. It was so much worse today than yesterday. I will continue to be patient with him and not rush him.
BTW - I'm probably on higher alert with this than I normally would be b/c I learned a week ago that my 3.5 yo should see a speech therapist for a different speech issue!
My ds stuttered (he started about age 2 1/2) and he needed speech therapy to help him work out of it. So, it's probably a normal stage, but just keep in mind that you might need to consult a speech therapist if it doesn't go away in a few weeks.

Also, slow down YOUR rate of speech any time ds is around, not just when you are directly talking to him.
Ds (25 months) just started having trouble getting words out too. It's not really stuttering but it sounds like a bunch of gibberish - sort of like a baby babbling - until he finally gets the word out. It really sounds like his thoughts are just going too fast for his tongue and mouth. I haven't worried about it yet - it seems to be a normal part of learning how to put all the thoughts they have into words. (I can just see the wheels in his little brain turning at the speed of light while his tongue tries to catch up

My friend's dd has been talking in complete sentences since before age 2 and she also just started stuttering now at 29 months.
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My DD did this and still does it from time to time. She is almost 2.5 now and it started about 22 months. Doesn't do it nearly as often and I'm not worried about it. She had been talking in long sentences for awhile before it started happening. She only does it now when she REALLY gets excited about something and that's only if she tries talking instead of running around really fast when she's that excited!

I have a book called "Einstein Never Used Flash Cards" and it even says in there that it is normal for this age. Basically, they say the same thing as what petitchou said. It says that it is not real stuttering - it's just their mind working faster than their mouth. It explains that they have so much to tell us, but they can't get it all out smoothly, which sometimes leads to stuttering.
It also goes on to say that real stutterers will stutter at multiple places within the sentence - not just at the beginning and that it is often genetic.
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I've noticed my DS (three in Feb) starts stuttering really bad right before he has a huge take off in language. It seems like it lasts 2-4 weeks and then we notice he has gained a ton of new words. I think it has to do with the amount of new words coming into their vocabulary, and they know they have the new words there, just don't know how to use them, or which words to pull out. It's a processing thing for us : )
DD has been thru a few phases of stuttering. Sometimes it is when she really really wants to be understood. Like when her grandmother (who she loves) came to visit from far away, DD's stutter came out. She just wanted so badly to talk and be understood by her. (Even though DD was already a great talker). Sometimes the reason is less obvious, but I think it is just that her brain is grasping language in such leaps sometimes it gets caught up in the execution. The phases last anywhere from a couple days to a few weeks.

I think maybe even the night terrors could be associated with this. Maybe he's feeling frustration with his language abilities that is coming out as a stutter when he's awake but frustrating dreams at night? Just a guess, but that's interesting that they seem to be connected.
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My ds stuttered for about a year from about 2.5 to 3.5 yrs old, maybe even a little longer. It was most obvious when he was really excited about something, but when he talked to himself (which he does a lot) or reciting stories from memory, he never stuttered. DS stuttered a lot, and we never said anything about it or did anything, just patiently waited for him to say whatever he was trying to say, and it did eventually fade away on its own.
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