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DS has night weaned!!!

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know I had planned on CLW ds (2.6). But, with being pg(17 +3) and one sided nursing (in pain). I had to work on the all night nurs a thons. I was getting no sleep and my nipple looked awful and ds was a grouch. He slept through the night once this week and we are on the fifth night in a row of dh going in to comfort or ds holding my breast!!! It feels so good to get more the 3hrs of sleep. I feel human again! And best of all ds has been fine with it!
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That's fantastic! It gives me hope.

I'm 10 weeks pg and hoping to nightwean DS who is 28 months now. I'm not in any rush, but sometime in the next few months. It's uncomfortable now, I can't imagine how it'll be if my supply drops off. Ouch!
To the PP I think for us, it was all in the timing. We had been home from a trip for two weeks, his two year old molars had finished coming in, his cold was gone and we established a regular bedtime. We used the Dr. Jay Gordon method but in a much less regulated way. There was no crying (at leats on the nursing end) and he had access if the other means of calming him down were not working. Also I am offering during the day now as he is not doing any night nusing, I want to make sure he is getting a the nuturing (from the breast that he needs) as opposed to before: I did not offer at all during the day and he would nurse all night! I think for most it is finding the happy balance of what works for EVERYONE! I put my NEEDS (ie sleep,health, and sanity) on the backburner (by choice) for 2.5 and half years. Now, I have another life depending on me and I need to give that life a fighting chance. I wish you luck. It will work out
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