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My little sister had these after a bike accident and brain injury. She grew out of it.

I'm sure it must be very scarry. A gal here has a 2 month old little boy who started having seizures after he was about 20 hours old and they still have no idea why.

I would almost think at this stage they wouldn't give anti-seizure meds until they run some tests.

Are you sure they are seizures..I mean has he been "diagnosed" with them...not that that really matters. With my sister they did this test where she had to stay awake for 36 hours straight and then they did an MRI. it turned out her petit mal seizures were so minor that they weren't concerned.

An off chance thing might be this...don't think I'm looney either.... have you ever taken your ds to a chiropractor. We go for preventative maintenance. It only makes sense that if the spine is the track for the nervous system that if it is out of alignment it can cause problems....just an idea....

I hope thigns work themselves out
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