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DS is Sick, homeopathic remedy suggestions needed

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Hi, I babysit 2 girls. they were coughing on Friday. Their mom, a nurse did not warn me ahead of time they were sick. Well now Aidan is sick. He has been coughing since Sunday. It started out dry, He ended up with a fever Sunday night. I gave him some Children's Alpha CF homeopathic and some antimonium tart. His nose is now supeR runny and he will not let me near him with the nasal aspirator. He is coughing then choking on the mucus, and at times he is vomiting bc of it, the fever comes and goes, mostly at night and he does okay during the day, some coughing but he is much much worse at night. I started to cut his dose of antimonium tart in half and started giving him half a dose of kali bichromium too. Is this okay? I only did that the last dose I gave him. Also what do you give homeopathically for fevers? I gave him only one dose of tylenol when his fever did not break, Any help is greatly appreciated thanks. I want my lil guy to get better soon, naturally. Also, what can I take for a headache, a regular headache and or one that hurts behind your eyes. Thank you.
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This is more or less to bump your thread.

But while I'm here, how about giving him some Sodium Ascorbate powder? That's one thing I would use right away...

OK, someone will surely post about homeopathy.
What does the sodium Ascorbate powder do?

Originally Posted by aidansmom05
What does the sodium Ascorbate powder do?
It helps fight the cough and sore throat plus gets rid of the mucus....

Personally I would not give any antipyretics no matter how high the fever is. I would not even take the temp.

How old is this child? I have to go back and see your sig.

OK, I see he is only about 10 mo.

In this case I would suggest YOU take the SA powder.

And what I would do for the fever is put cool washcloth soaked in white vinegar on his caves. Only on the caves. But I would do that only if he seems hot for over 2 hours without a brake.
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he is 10 1/2 months old. Where can I buy the sodium Ascorbate powder?
Generally in the health food store. But call first. I buy it in 2 lbs . sacks.

If they have Ascorbic Acid only, that is OK too.
You can mix that 3 to 1 with regular baking soda.

Here is where I get mine:

It comes to the house in about 3 days. But that is a little late for your child.
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