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Anyone else have a 5-6yo that has really high socialising needs? He <i>needs</i> to have lots of attention, lots of playtime with other kids, etc.<br><br>
Here's an example:<br>
Tuesday- he had all day school, went to play with some schoolmates for 1.5 hours, came home and played with his neighbor friends for a couple hours.<br>
Wed- half day of school, played with neighbor friends for a bunch of hours. Wanted lots of books read, and hung out with dp and his friends.<br>
Thurs- half day of school, wanted to play with schoolmates, and was really really sad that no one could play that day <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="greensad"> Played later with neighbors for 3ish hours.<br>
Friday- no school, wakes up and wants to play a game with me. He did play outside by himself for an hour before asking to call neighbor friends. (sort of unusual, but dp is sick, and ds is sleeping on my lap, so there's not a lot of choice). The neighbors will come over, and they will likely play for hours, and as soon as they leave, ds will immediately ask for attention from dp and me.<br><br>
He's played and socialized most waking hours this week! And when he's not playing with kids, he's talking to me, wanting to do stuff with me, etc. He still wants more. Though I can tell that his cup is nearly full- he's not as whiny and demanding of attention as he sometimes it. It's pretty rare that he happily plays by himself- he does for maybe an hour every few days, and then only when there's no other option.<br><br>
I love that he's so social, he plays pretty well with others, is nice to others, and loves playing with and taking care of ds2. But it's sometimes hard to meet his social needs, without me really really needing a break from him!
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