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My DS is 28 months and he is trashing the house on a daily baisis! Today I cleaned the living room 2X and it currently looks like a war zone! Does anyone have some suggestions? I litterally can not keep up with his destruction! I know that it is not Dev. Appropriate to expect him to clean up by himself so I try to get him to help me, we make games out of it but some times in all honesty he just refuses or says mommy do it. I don't mind having toys out in the living room even though we have a whole play room and I dont mind him dumping legos out on the floor to play with them.

Sometimes though he dumps toys just for the shear sake of it. a good example is taking all of the puzzles and dumping them not to use them but just because it is fun YK, So then we play match the pieces to the board and as soon as we finish DS puts the back on the shelf then seconds later dumps them again. Or he stands at his drawers and pulls out little people one by one and drops them on the floor then does the same with the cars, animals, etc
: . I generaly try to keep a third of the toys in the closet and rotate them, DH wants to put anything dumpable away but that seems unrealistic and punative.......ANY IDEAS?
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