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Originally Posted by TanyaMT
DS did this for a good long while. I think it was just a stage because he is finally coming out of it and picking up one thing before getting out another most of the time with reminders. He is 3 now (just turned 3). I thought it would last forever but it did end! :)
Ditto. It went on for about 2 years and, at 4.5, he still does it on occasion. He's a lot more reliable about helping to clean up now, though. (Where's that *phew* smilie?)

It's definitely a phase. It must be that there's something really satisfying about dumping.

It irritated the heck out of me (being anti-dumping and all :LOL) but I didn't want to put the kibosh on it because it was pretty important to him. I just limited the amount of dumpables, continued to try to make clean-up fun and enticing, and gritted my teeth a lot.
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