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Ds now cries when he pees, after grabbing his foreskin while peeing

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This morning shortly after waking my intact ds, almost two, was running aroung naked and started to pee on the floor. He grabbed his penis to stop himself and started crying very sharply. We ran to the bathroom together and he tried to pee more on the toilet, but cried again when a little came out. I thought he was just freaked out by the loss of control, and then was just finished peeing in the bathroom. Until he just tried to pee a couple minutes ago and started crying saying "oww,penis hurt" he wanted ointment, but everything looks normal. He tried to pee again and cried again. Really cried. I 'm sure it hurts and isn't just a fear of losing control or a fear of pain. I don't think it's a UTI or bladder infection as he slept great last night, and peed quite a bit on the carpet until he figured out how to get it to stop. I think he damaged himself somehow by grabbing it and stopping the flow. He squeezed the foreskin shut in a pinchy grabbing sort of way. He is not retracting at all yet.

Any advice or suggestions? How long will this hurt him, is there anything I can do to help? Put something in a bath for him? I'm a bit paniced that my boy is in pain, and also because of the huge issue it was to keep him intact.
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Ja mama:

I suspect your son is begining the process of the foreskin separating from the glans. I've heard many cases of similar symptoms.

The process of separation is not an even or uniform one and there will be spots where there are remaining adhesions and areas all around it will be separated. Pulling on it or night time erections will pull at these remaining adhesions and will cause microscopic tears in the inner lining of the foreskin and glans. These tiny open wounds will burn and sting when the salt of the urine gets in them. They may also be accompanied by redness and swelling of the foreskin.

The good news is that these microscopic tears heal very quickly and all symptoms should disappear within 24 hours or less. I know that seeing your son in pain is very disturbing. However, the pain is not severe and is very short in duration.

Thank you so much! I appreciate the reassurance. We put him in a diaper at nap in case he pees while asleep, even if it burns a little maybe he'll be out of it enough that he won't fight it and be in pain from not peeing. I am grateful to feel able to ask you about this.
I don't think it sounds like the normal seperation process... to me it sounds like uti... because if he had sore spots where adhesions had been torn, I think they would remain sore even when he was not peeing. The fact that urinating makes the pain happen sounds totally like UTI to me.

My son once tore a teeny adhesion when he was about 3 - but it was at a point where he was almost fully retractable, so we were able to see the two tiny raw spots- one on his glans, and one exactly opposite to it on his inner foreskin. Within a day the raw spots were all healed. He had told me that he had an ouchie on his penis, and his informing me of this had nothing to do with peeing.

Although it might not be a precedent you would like to set- if he was to pee in the tub, the water should prevent urine from burning any raw spots. If he still has pain when peeing under water- that would really sound like a UTI. Not all UTI is caused by bacteria by the way- chemicals can also cause very extreme urinary tract pain... bubble bath, chlorine pools, new detergents, different brand diapers... there are other things you can consider that could have caused pain.

Love Sarah
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Would you still think it was a UTI even though he was peeing fine for quite a long moment before he grabbed his penis? It appeared he grabbed his penis because he didn't want to be peeing on the carpet, not because it hurt. He definitely didn't cry until he'd grabbed it, which makes me think he just grabbed/pulled too hard and it ripped the internal skin a little. And now it burns where the rip is.

How long should I let it go before I call the advice nurse or take him in to be seen? I'm really aprehensive boput either of those things because I don't trust medical advice in this area as well as I don't want anyone to check out his penis. Could I just take a pee sample in to be tested, without taking my son?
From the chain of events you describe, no, it does not sound like a UTI. But that's always going to be what I want to rule out. So many moms have had situations with kids with scalded urinary tracts after a bubble bath or a trip to the public pool... that's always my #1 worry.

That's why I suggested that he pee in bath water... because it would allow him to pee without pain if it was pain caused by urine burning a raw spot. I was hoping that you would be able to rule out UTI that way, if he said it wasn't so painful then (underwater) . If it is UTI, peeing under water would still hurt like the dickens.

If you can't rule it out that way- then you really should take him in for a checkup. No, you can't take a urine sample in with you- it will be contaminated and not test reliably. I have heard that there are over the counter UTI tests, but I don't know how they work or how good they are.

I think it sounds like you are overly worried about your child's safety at the Dr.s... a true concern, but not one that should prevent you from ever seeing medical help- ever. Don't second guess your child's health because you are afraid of "I told you sos" or malpractice. Be informed, be pro-active, be strong, advocate, communicate and be real. You have the right to refuse treatment, and to clearly state BEFORE your son is examined that you do NOT want the Dr to forcefully retract his foreskin, that his foreskin is not yet retractable and you do not want the Dr. to do that to him... because IT IS AGAINST medical advice to do so.

Love Sarah
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Thank you for babysitting me through this and holding my hand. I will suggest he pee in his bath tonight and see if he takes me up on it. The novelty might work.

I am not afraid to take him to the doctor in general. I guess I've lurked here so much, and read so many stories of forcible retraction and ped advice that was wrong, that it's only the penis topic that I'm wary of doctors. But not so much that I'd let my ds continue to suffer.

I'll let you know how peeing in the bath goes.
Ja Mama:

If it is a micro tear as I suggested, it should be healed enough tomorrow that he will have no more pain. If it's a UTI, it will only get worse. You can check for cloudiness in the urine and if you find it, it's almost certainly a UTI.

Just in case infection is lurking, you could give him cranberry juice to drink. Make sure it is either really dilute unsweetened or sweetened with other juices, not sugar or corn syrup.

(My only UTI cleared up completely with cranberry juice! If you do continue to suspect infection please handle it sooner than later.)

Thank you all so much! He peed in the bath twice last night, a huge amount as he hadn't really peed more than a couple drops since the morning. It seemed to still hurt, but it didn't cause tears, and he was willing to do it again before bed. This morning he was afraid of the toilet still, but when he finally peed he had no trouble and kept saying "better, pee better, bath make better." So hopefully we're in the clear.

Cranberry juice is a great idea and I'm so glad you mentioned it hummingbear, because I have some in the cupboard and didn't even think of it!

Once again thank you for babysitting me through what was a minor event, but felt so intense for me. Did ya know on top of all the circ stuff, you are actually pee babysitters too?
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So glad to hear he is doing better! I suspect it was just a part of the separation process and nothing more. He may have another episode before the process is complete and now you now how to spot it.

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