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DS prefers to pee on the changing table

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I'm Ling. New here. We live in Germany. I have a daughter, Nicole, who is 3 1/2 and a baby, Daniel, who will be soon 8 weeks old.

I started EC Daniel from the beginning. He still wears a cloth diaper, though, because of the weather. It worked pretty well for the first 4 weeks. We were catching most of the poops and many pees.

Then he started to fuss quite a lot when we hold him over the sink also when he obviously needs to go. From time to time, he would still pee into the sink. But often, he would only pee right after we put him down on the changing table. Sometimes he is even quite happy when we hold him, but he just wouldn't pee until we put him down.

Is this a potty strike? How long could this last?
I'm even uncertain whether we should go on EC him or not.
Wonder if this dress and undress business is bothering him too much.
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My DS also fusses sometimes when I hold him over the sink, even if he needs to go. I'm not sure why, but he seems a lot happier about sitting on his little potty. When I put him on the potty, he always pees if he needs to, and he almost never fusses. Maybe you could try a potty.
Hey this is happening to us too!

This is my first post on the EC board. My babe (well, my new one) is 6 weeks old. I've been ECing him since day 3 or 4 (whenever my mom went home). It's been going so much better than I imagined.

Thank you all for this wonderful board. It is the best resource! Reading everyone's posts of the day to dayness of ECing persuaded me to give it a try. It has worked!

Ok, until the last day or two. Very much like Ling's story.... Jacob has started fussing whenever I bring him to the toilet (been using toddler insert on regular toilet), even if I'm sure he has to go, for instance, because his diaper is dry after two hours. Then I lay him down where we change him on the bathroom counter and fountains away! Sometimes he's grinning as if to say, ha ha, got you! At 6 weeks!

Ok, oh experienced ones, let the wisdom flow!
This was happening with my ds quite a lot and then it quickly disapeared. It's almost as though he was just testing the waters ( no pun intended ) and wanted to make sure that he was part of the decision to pee. Keep trying!
This is not a big deal. (that's me attempting to comfort you)

EC is about communication. That is the key. So, your child has communicated that he prefers to eliminate on the changing table (or where ever). And, you're respecting that by letting him (you put a cloth dipe or something under his butt).

This is good! Great! That's what the process is about! It's called Elimination Communication, not Infant Potty-training. They changed the name for a reason. The potty is just a vessel. It's the communication we care about!
I know I read somewhere that sometimes being horizontal lets the baby relax to let the pee out. Now, I have *no* idea how you could hold the baby horizontally and over a vessel. Maybe try laying them in the bathtub?
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If you know they need to go, and are having trouble, just recline them in arms (like you "carry" an infant) for a few (10-30 seconds) and then try again. many ec babies don't pee while on mom, and can especially go longer when carried vertically in a sling. My dd was able to hold it nearly 2 hrs at 6 weeks when I had her in the moby upright, but would wiggle to get out and pee when in the maya.
Also, I always think that it is a good idea to make your signal sound (I.e. pss, pss or whatever you use) whenever the baby DOES pee. That way they start to associate it. I also like to talk to my baby and tell her "Oh good girl! You made a good pee pee!". She reacts really positively to this.

So, even when the pee isn't happening where you want it, at least you are consistently acknowledging what just happened and maybe that can be eventually redirected to help him eliminate in a potty instead of the changing table?
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