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DS thinks he's hot stuff in his new swaddlebees!

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I just have to share...

I bought two swaddlebees fitteds and they came in the mail yesterday. He wore each of them once yesterday and then I did a load of diapers today. When I got them out of the dryer, I reached for a SB first (they are sooo soft) and called DS for a diaper change. Now, normally, DS runs from me when I need to change him. But when he saw what I had in my hand, he ran TO me and layed down in front of me! Uh, that has NEVER happened before.

And then he strutted around in his diaper and showed it off to DH.

It's not like DS doesn't have a bunch of cute diapers to strut in. I make pockets for him that have characters. I even made him a "bob" diaper (spongebob). But for some reason he *really* likes these plain ol' swaddlebees!
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cause they're sooooo soft and scrumptious!
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Stop it there right away.. You're making me want to buy more too.. So SHUT! Sssshhhhh - ssshh..
That's the easiest diaper change ever! Bet you wish you'd bought them sooner!
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