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DS went on a nursing strike!!

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we just came back from a trip to Greece-- brought the babe, had a blast, it was amazing! He is 9 months old, with two teeth on bottom, and two coming in on the top.

Well... he's started 'testing' me by nipping my nipple while staring right at me to see my response! So, it got REALLY bad while on the trip. He gave me one good chomp, and I let out a screech, and started to cry. Then HE started to cry. Then, he wouldn't nurse for 24 hours!!

I was SOOO sad... I thought I had scared him away from the boob forever!! Luckily, he's back, though still testing me here and there.

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Greece? How lucky! I am glad your DS's nursing strike is over. They really are aweful. Keep up the good work!

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