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One of the issues we have had with DS2 lately has been eating. He has become very picky. He has never really eaten what has been served to him at school for the last 2 years. Well, two weeks ago, they changed his afternoon bus schedule. Instead of getting home in time to have a snack/eat before dinner, he barely gets home before dinner (used to be drop off at 3:40, now drop off is 4:40 and we generally eat dinner between 5:00 and 5:30).<br><br>
This last week he begged us to fix him lunch to take too school. And would you believe it, he has eaten every single thing we pack him for him. A few times some things have come back partially finished (ie didn't eat all his carrots or only ate 1/2 his apple). He complains they don't give him enough time to eat now -- he has to stop eating and go use the bathroom with the rest of the class.<br><br>
Generally, we have been sending a ham/cheese sandwhich; fruit; veggie; and milk. Sometimes he will also ask for a bit of yogurt.<br><br>
This is a relief as his school next year does not offer lunch, and we will have to pack, and now I know at least he will eat what is packed for him....
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