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DSHS Child Care Assistance

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Hey - I live in Washington state and have been approved by DSHS to receive child care assistance through their Working Connections Child Care program. However, the provider I want to use made a mistake on her first application and was disqualified. She cleared up the mistake and resubmitted the application at DSHS's reccomendation, only to be denied for the old mistake again.

I'm trying to fight this but everyone I talk to is a freakin' moron - I had to explain DSHS policies to the last person I spoke to.

Do any of you have experience with this and found a good phone number to call or anything? I'm tempted to just ask for a hearing but I don't know what to do with DS in the mean time. Right now he's going to the provider anyway and I'm just going to have to scrape together the cash to pay her.

Please let me know if you have any advice on this.
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Have you tried working through your local liaison with DSHS?

I used the local contact to get a list of dcps, and the program coordinator was very knowledgeable and pleasant. It might be easier to go through somebody who works with DSHS regularly, even if it's with a different dept or division than the one you need to talk to, than to tackle the bureaucracy yourself.
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