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Just taking a break for lunch- thought I'd share (as I'm really excited about it!).

I have about 18 toddlers and parents coming over tomorrow (wow!). I have the little baby pool set up with lots of cups and floating things, I put some beach balls, tricycles and a tunnel outside, I hauled out the easel and will set up for painting and drawing, and I bought some terra cotta pots, paint, and soil and made clippings of my house plants, so the kids can paint a pot and plant a plant to take home instead of a "bag". I ordered a beautiful cake from Whole Foods and 4 tubs of natural ice-cream. I'm in the middle of making home-made iced tea (my secret is a bit of peppermint
) and squeezing lemons for fresh lemonade. Instead of gifts, people are bringing a dish-to-pass, so we should have plenty of good food (and no junky presents!). I will decorate with some rainbow colored baloons and crepe paper. It should be a fun, wholesome, old-fashioned summer birthday!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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