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Ds's first birthday

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Ok, my ds, sadly
, is turning 1 next month. I have already arranged for my ex to take him the day before his birthday to celebrate with his family.

T This is one major benefit of being longer have to deal with his flaky, nasty family, granted he doesn't want to have to deal with them either! :LOL

Anyway...any suggestions for what to do?

I mean he is really too young to understand, so it is more of a party for mommy to cry on everyone's shoulders because her baby is growing WAY TOO FAST!!!!
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Do you like to travel? I'm way in the rural parts of the country (Oldenzaal, the last town at the A1 before going into Germany), pretty and green with little "lakes" for swimming. You're invited
He and my Willem can play with sand

I don't know how many ppl you know there ~ I could also come to you?
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Hi Simonee,

Thanks for the offer, I would love to come to your place sometime, that sounds like a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I do not have a car and living Alkmaar, so we are a little far away. You are also more than welcome to come to our place also.

I am having a party on his birthday with some of my friends and their children, but you are more than welcome to come over also.

I am just trying to decide what to do for this party, hence my post for asking for suggestions.
Cool, we might! We do have a car, and dh would love to see Alkmaar.

Do you have a garden? These little ones always LOVE playing with sand and water, preferably in combination. A little plastic pool with just 2" will seat a bunch of babies. A few buckets of sand will turn the whole thing into a great mudbath. A few little balls on grass will keep the crawling crowd happy, too. FOr this age group, you don't really need to "do" anything, but I like the photographs you get out of sand and water play

Will there be older kids? They might like painting a big old sheet or some old boxes or something ~ just get some finger paint at the Hema, and let em roll. We did this last year when dd turned 4, and everybody loved it (dd was one of the youngest kids there, though)
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