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In Plan to Reduce Deficit, White House Turns to Old Projections

"To show that President Bush can fulfill his campaign promise to cut the deficit in half by 2009, White House officials are preparing a budget that will assume a significant jump in revenues and omit the cost of major initiatives like overhauling Social Security. To make Mr. Bush's goal easier to reach, administration officials have decided to measure their progress against a $521 billion deficit they predicted last February rather than last year's actual shortfall of $413 billion. By starting with the outdated projection, Mr. Bush can say he has already reduced the shortfall by about $100 billion and claim victory if the deficit falls to just $260 billion."


"They are cutting the deficit from a number they never believed in the beginning," Mr. Collender said, referring to the decision to measure progress against the unrealized $521 billion deficit projection. "What if they had forecast that the deficit would be $800 billion last year? Would they take credit for having cut it by half?"

"White House officials are making several budgeting decisions that make their tax revenues look higher and their spending look lower than many analysts think is realistic."

More here:

Looks like hanging out with Kenny Boy and the other Enron-types is paying off. Gotta love honest government!

But seriously, how can fiscal conservatives take Dubya Inc.'s fiscal intentions seriously when it is peddling this an ecomonmic shell game? Where is the 'morality' in the above cited conduct?

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What I don't really understand...


Why continue the deceit?

Seriously. There is no election up in the air. It is obvious that he is going to be "found out" (well, if there is another 9/11 type incident he can just blame everything on that, I guess). So, why not just do whatever the heck it is he wants to do and be honest about it?
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