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due 7/27

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Didn't know if this is the place to post or not. Anyway, dd #2 is due July 27. I am starting to get a little panicky about caring for a toddler and a newborn! But I am also excited to see the relationship develop between the two sister.
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Welcome - I'm due the day after you! How old is your toddler?

welcome, i'm pretty panicky about it too
:LOL but i bet we will make it none the less
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Hi there!

I am due on the same day as you (dd#2) and I also have a girl toddler (2y5m). I totally empathize with the panic state! I can't believe it's two months away... eek I feel like
but I just gotta remember to take it one day (or maybe one breath!) at a time

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Don't panic about caring for a toddler and newborn, I will be doing it too, and so will many other women here, so we have a good support system going so far!
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